Prof. James’ World Famous Punch and Judy Show!

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Book the greatest show in the world! Prof James’ show is suitable for kids parties, fetes, fairs, carnivals, school events & more. Live stream Punch & Judy also available.

Prof James

Skype, Zoom, Facebook or Socially Distanced performances now availabe!

My name is Professor James and I run one of the capital’s  most talked-about Punch and Judy shows.

I am based in North London but I do public performances all over the country.  Parties, fetes, work events, festivals and educational talks on the history of Punch and aspects of the tradition.  As of mid 2020 I have also started to perform live events via Zoom, Skype, Facebook and other streaming services!

Just send me an email or give me a call to see if I can bring a bit of seaside fun to your event!

What is My Show Like?

My show follows a traditional format with a modern twist…enacted by my beautiful collection of hand-carved and hand-painted puppets which I have built up over many years.

The play has an emphasis on fast-paced slapstick fun, a large cast of characters, and a good-natured vibe.  The show is run from a flexible booth which is perfect for living room parties but can be embellished with grandeur and aplomb for a carnival, up-market fete, or street-side setting.

Whether you’re hosting just a couple or a couple of hundred, pick up the dog & bone and give me a bell.

Who Can Resist?

Soooo…if you’re looking for a traditional puppet show, you can do a lot worse than that old rascal Mr Punch and his mischievous wife, Judy!  Professor James is a professional Punch and Judy entertainer who performs shows all around London and the South of England.

Thence to see an Italian puppet play… which is very pretty, the best that ever I saw, and great resort of gallants.

~ Samuel Pepys, upon seeing a Punch and Judy show in 1662

The Stars of the Show

Dramatis personae

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy

The incorrigible rogue Mr Punch and his equally naughty wife, Judy.

The Naughty Baby

Punch and Judy’s errr… adorable baby.

joey the clown

Joey The Clown

Named after Joseph Grimaldi, the original circus clown of London, Joey is the traditional master of ceremonies in a Punch and Judy show

old nick punch and judy puppet show

Old Nick

The arch enemy of old Mr Punch.Old Nick has been chasing Punch for over 350 years but hasn’t caught him yet!


The Police Man

Sometimes known as PC Plod, PC Jellybottom or PC-49 (in tribute to the classic crime serial). The Constabulary’s finest is out to get old Punch by hook or by crook!

Crocodile fom Punch and Judy

The Very Hungry Crocodile

Thought to live in the bathtub of Punch and Judy’s desirable London house. This crocodile is known to have a fondness for sausages …and PEOPLE!

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